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Stockholm Mathematics Centre Prizes for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and Master Theses 2019/2020

Excellent Master Theses 

Jens Agerberg

Jens Agerberg

Statistical Learning and Analysis on Homology-Based Features
Advisors: Martina Scolamiero and Wojciech Chacholski

Jens Agerberg is awarded the SMC prize for his excellent master thesis on statistical learning, where he combines topological data analysis with statistics, probability theory and machine learning. His thesis demonstrates great creativity and reveals new connections between kernel methods and stable ranks. Besides the theoretical results, Agerberg also illustrates the practical value of the methods by applying his findings to real datasets, one from the OASIS open access brain imaging dataset and another dataset collected from Reddit.
Jens Agerberg's master thesis on DiVA

Sven Sandfeldt

Sven Sandfeldt

Local rigidity of some Lie group actions
Advisor: Danijela Damjanovic

Sven Sandfeldt is awarded the SMC prize for his excellent master thesis. His work deals with rigidity phenomena, a subject that has been studied extensively in dynamical systems, in the framework of connected Lie group actions. In his thesis, Sandfeldt clearly demonstrates a thorough understanding of a technically difficult area, and makes original contributions to an important branch of dynamical systems.
Sven Sandfeldt's master thesis on DiVA

Vivi Wong

Vivi Wong.
Photo by Kin Hung Wong.

Statistical Aspects of Sustainability in Optimal Portfolio Theory
Advisor: Taras Bodnar

Vivi Wong is awarded the SMC prize for her excellent master thesis that investigates the performance of portfolios consisting of sustainable assets only. Based on optimal portfolio theory and ESG sustainability ratings, Wong discusses mean-variance spanning tests and their robustness in order to present a careful statistical analysis of data from the OMXS30 index of the Stockholm stock exchange, and finds no statistical justification for investing in assets considered non-sustainable.
Vivi Wong's master thesis

Excellent Doctoral Theses

Tomas Berggren

Tomas Berggren
Photo by Niklas Gustafsson.

On determinantal point processes and random tilings with doubly periodic weights
Advisor: Maurice Duits

Tomas Berggren is awarded the SMC prize for his excellent doctoral dissertation, which contains important breakthroughs in a challenging and highly competitive topic.

Tomas Berggren's doctoral dissertation on DiVA

Lisa Nicklasson

Lisa Nicklasson
Photo by Stefan Lagerstam.

Around minimal Hilbert series problems for graded algebras
Advisors: Samuel Lundqvist and Christian Gottlieb

Lisa Nicklasson is awarded the SMC prize for her excellent doctoral dissertation, which substantially extends the knowledge on a topic that connects to several areas of mathematics.

Lisa Nicklasson's doctoral dissertation on DiVA