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Stockholm Mathematics Centre Prizes for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and Master Theses 2012/2013

The Stockholm Mathematics Centre awarded on October 9, 2013 the prize for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation to Dan Petersen (KTH) and the three prizes for Excellent Master Theses in Mathematics to Shlok Datye (KTH), Mikael Hansson (SU) and Erik Peldan (KTH), for the academic year 2012/2013. In addition to a diploma, the prizes, includes a sum of 10 000 SEK for the doctoral prize, and 2000 SEK each for the master level prizes.

The prize committee for the doctoral prize consisted of Michael Benedicks, mathematics KTH (chair), Mia Deijfen, mathematical statistics SU, Ralf Fröberg, mathematics SU, Xiaoming Hu, optimization and systems theory KTH, and Dilian Gurov, computer science KTH. The members of the master thesis prize committee were Per Austrin, theoretical computer science (chair), Alexander Berglund, mathematics SU,
 Kristian Bjerklöv, mathematics KTH,
 Michael Hanke, numerical analysis KTH, Henrik Hult, mathematical statistics KTH and Leo Tzou, mathematics SU.

Excellent Doctoral Dissertation

SMC's prize for excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Mathematics 2012/2013 is awarded to

  • Dan Petersen, KTH

for his extraordinarily meritorious dissertation Topology of Moduli Spaces and Operads, especially for his results on tautological rings of moduli spaces of stable curves and his elegant proof of a famous theorem of Kontsevich.

Thesis advisor: Carel Faber, KTH

Summary of thesis available online


Excellent Master Theses

Three prizes have been awarded (in alphabetical order):

SMC's prize for excellent Master Thesis in Mathematics 2012/2013 is awarded to

  • Shlok Datye, KTH

for Money management principles for mechanical traders, a thesis in Mathematical Finance, which shows a remarkable understanding of the subject. This innovative thesis provides sound mathematical justifications and extensions of a number of popular trading strategies, and gives unique insights into the field of mechanical trading, from mathematical rigour to practical implementation advice.

Thesis advisor: Filip Lindskog, KTH.

Thesis is available online


SMC's prize for excellent Master Thesis in Mathematics 2012/2013 is awarded to

  • Mikael Hansson, SU

for On generalized Ramsey numbers for two sets of cycles, a thesis which establishes substantial new results within Ramsey Theory, a classical topic in combinatorics that dates back to the 1930's. The author displays mathematical prowess and maturity, as well as pedagogical skills in structuring very complicated arguments.

Thesis advisor: Jörgen Backelin, SU.

Thesis is available online


SMC's prize for excellent Master Thesis in Mathematics 2012/2013 is awarded to

  • Erik Peldan, KTH

for Computation of air-vortices based on GPU technology: optimizing and parallelizing a model for wake-vortex prediction using OpenCL, a thesis in Scientific Computing. The work, which was carried out at the company AVTECH, was driven by important engineering applications. The author has made unique contributions to all aspects of this interdisciplinary subject: derivation of a mathematical model for the physical process, construction of numerical methods, sophisticated implementation as well as a critical evaluation of the model.

Thesis advisor: Olof Runborg and Elias Jarlebring, KTH

Thesis is available online