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Stockholm Master Class in Analysis, Arithmetics and Geometry: Zeta-functions, Trace formulas, and around

Stockholm, June 5–9, 2023

Overview: The goal of the master class is to introduce the theory of spectral zeta-functions and corresponding trace formulas, focusing on the role played by the geometry and understanding arithmetic properties of the spectrum. The theme of the school is intrinsically cross-disciplinary connecting algebra, analysis, geometry and number theory.

The event is designed for master students and PhD students from Sweden and other countries.

Speakers: The school consists of three lecture series by

  • Klaus Kirsten, American Mathematical Society, Spectral zeta-functions
  • Peter Sarnak, Princeton University), Arithmetics of trace formulas
  • Svetlana Jitomirskaya, Georgia Institute of Technology, Singular continuous spectrum and quasi-periodic operators

Location: Institut Mittag-Leffler. See their webpage  for the event.

Dates: June 5–9, 2023

Contact: For questions about the workshop, please contact Pavel Kurasov (kurasov "AT" math.su.se)

Organizers: Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH), Pavel Kurasov (SU), Delio Mugnolo (University of Hagen), Jonathan Rohleder (SU), Matthew de Courcy-Ireland (SU).