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Master Class: Local Cohomology and related topics

Stockholm, Aug 1–5, 2022
À. Montaner, W. Zhang

Overview: The aim of this workshop is to present two series of lectures on the topic of local cohomology. One series of lectures, given by Professor Àlvarez Montaner, will focus on the combinatorial and computational aspect of the theory. The other, given by Professor Wenliang Zhang, will focus instead on the D-module interpretation of local cohomology. This event is designed for young researchers: PhD students and young postdocs with background in commutative algebra. No prior knowledge of local cohomology will be needed or assumed at the beginning of the lecture series.

Organizers: Alessandro De Stefani (Università di Genova), David Rydh (KTH), Boris Shapiro and Ilya Smirnov (Stockholms Universitet).

Contact: For questions about the workshop, please email Alessandro De Stefani (destefani AT dima.unige.it) or Ilya Smirnov (ismirnov AT bcamath.org).

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