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Abraham Kumsa Beyene: Obstacles to Students' learning of the limit concept

Time: Tue 2024-04-23 12.05 - 12.55

Location: Cramér room, Department of Mathematics, SU

Participating: Abraham Kumsa Beyene, SU

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 Calculus is widely taught internationally at upper secondary school and university levels. This may be because of its importance in science and technology and various other fields. Because of its importance, students taking calculus courses need to gain a conceptual understanding of calculus and master it. However, as evidenced in the literature, many students encounter challenges in conceptually understanding, mastering and applying calculus. A key stumbling block lies in the understanding of the limit concept. In this seminar, I will explore the different types of obstacles to students’ learning of the limit concept. Drawing on a study conducted in two culturally different contexts, I will discuss the similarities and differences that were identified. Based on these findings, I will present insights into what needs to be taken into account when teaching the limit concept.