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Raazesh Sainudiin: An Interval Tree Arithmetic for Computationally Amenable Operations with Maps in Some Metric Spaces

Time: Wed 2015-09-09 10.00 - 11.45

Location: Room 16, building 5, Kräftriket, Department of mathematics, Stockholm University

Participating: Raazesh Sainudiin, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, N.Z.

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I will spend the first part of the talk on an introduction to interval analysis (for general maths audience).  In the second part of the talk I  will introduce an arithmetic with planar binary trees that are used to represent maps and show how this is used to solve some concrete real-world problems, including nonparametric density estimation, dynamic air-traffic representation, tighter range enclosures of interval-valued functions that can be expressed via finitely many real arithmetic operations, and simulation from challenging densities in up to 10 dimensions.