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Sebastian Rosengren: Neural networks - Reinforcement learning

Mini course on Neural networks, Part 2

Time: Wed 2020-05-06 15.15 - 17.00

Location: Zoom, Registration required.

Participating: Sebastian Rosengren, Stockholms universitet

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Reinforcement learning is, as many things are in machine learning, both the problem and the solution.  

The problem: How should an agent act in an uncertain environment? The Solution: Optimal. 

In this lecture we will introduce the underlying theory of reinforcement learning: Markov Decision Processes, Bellman equations, and Value Iteration. 

We will also provide an introduction to more modern approaches such as Q-learning, and Deep Q-learning. In the end we will play some tic-tac-toe against our own creation.

How to register

We wish to confine the number of participants to members of academic and professional communities, so that we introduced a registration procedure. In order to get registered, please send an email to .