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Daniel Köhne: Laplacian Polytopes of Oriented Simplicial Complexes

Time: Wed 2021-11-03 10.15 - 11.15

Location: Zoom meeting ID: 654 5562 3260

Participating: Daniel Köhne (Universität Osnabrück)

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Abstract: The Laplacian simplex of a finite simple graph is the convex hull of the columns of its Laplacian matrix. Since graphs can be seen as 1-dimensional simplicial complexes, we extend this approach to finite oriented simplicial complexes. Focusing on the boundary of \((d+1)\)-dimensional simplices, we will investigate serveral properties for the associated Laplacian polytopes as dimension, simpliciality, facet description and having a regular unimodular triangulation.

Zoom meeting ID: 654 5562 3260

Zoom link:

The seminar can also be viewed in room 3721.