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Håkan Andreasson: Existence of a minimizer to the particle number-Casimir functional for the Einstein-Vlasov system

Time: Thu 2024-05-30 10.00 - 11.00

Location: 3418

Language: English

Participating: Håkan Andreasson, Chalmers University of Technology

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In 2001 Wolansky introduced a particle number-Casimir functional for the Einstein-Vlasov system. Two open questions are associated with this functional. First, a meaningful variational problem should be formulated and the existence of a minimizer to this problem should be established. The second issue is to show that a minimizer, for some choice of the parameters, is a static solution of the Einstein-Vlasov system. I will present a solution to the first problem by proving the existence of a minimizer.

On the technical side, we are able to bypass the non-compactness of minimizing sequences by new arguments in both \(v\)-space and \(x\)-space. We note that such compactness results for the Einstein-Vlasov system have been absent in the literature, whereas similar results have been known in the Newtonian case. We also provide arguments which give strong support that minimizers corresponding to small masses are static solutions of the Einstein-Vlasov system.

Furthermore, our analysis leads us to propose a new stability criterion for static solutions: We conjecture that a static solution for which the Casimir-binding energy is positive is stable for mass-preserving perturbations.