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Erik Lindell: Connections to classical K-theory

Time: Thu 2020-04-30 10.15 - 12.00

Location: Zoom ID 62552551723

Participating: Erik Lindell

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This is the ninth talk of the seminar on algebraic K-theory and derived algebraic geometry

The seminar will be held via Zoom. 


In this talk I will talk about two major theorems in K-theory: Quillen's Dévissage theorem, and Barwick's Theorem of the Heart. The first will require us to review the classical K-theory of exact 1-categories. We will then apply these two theorems to the cofiber sequence Perf_tors(Z)\to Perf(Z)\to Perf(Q) that we saw in Kristian's talk.

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Last changed: Apr 27, 2020