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René Corbet: An overview of the pipeline of multiparameter persistence

Time: Tue 2020-09-08 11.15

Location: KTH F11

Participating: René Corbet, KTH

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In the last two decades, persistent homology and its generalizations have grown to a substantial branch of mathematical research. It gives rise to various research problems in algebra, category theory, geometry, topology, and other areas. Moreover, having immediate applications in data science, efficient algorithms, computational and probabilistic methods, and concrete implementations deserve the same amount of attention. Multiparameter persistence is the generalization of persistence to multiple independent parameters taken into account at once. While the theory of multiparameter persistence is provably much more complicated than the theory of ordinary persistence, new computational challenges arise as well. In this talk, I give a rough overview of the computational pipeline of multiparameter persistence, mention some important challenges, and outline the projects of my PhD thesis along these lines.