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Matt Kerr: Hodge Theory of Degenerations

Time: Thu 2019-06-20 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Room 306, House 6, Kräftriket, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University

Participating: Matt Kerr (Washington U in St Louis)

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Abstract: The asymptotics and monodromy of periods in degenerating families of algebraic varieties are encountered in many settings — for example, in comparing various compactifications of moduli, in computing limits of invariants of algebraic cycles, and in topological string theory. In this talk, based on joint work with Radu Laza and Morihiko Saito, we shall describe several tools (building on classical work of Milnor, Deligne, and Clemens) for comparing the Hodge theory of singular fibers to that of their nearby fibers, and touch on some relations to birational geometry.

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