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Josefin Ahlkrona: Finite Element Methods for Ice Sheet Modelling

Tid: On 2019-10-09 kl 11.45 - 12.30

Plats: 306, kräftriket

Medverkande: Josefin Ahlkrona, Stockholms universitet


An ice sheet model is a type of computational fluid dynamics model describing the very viscous, non-Newtonian flow of the ice on e.g. Greenland or Antarctica. Traditionally, finite differences has been the discretization method of choice, but finite element models are now becoming more common. The FEM models used for ice sheet modelling typically employ techniques developed for general computational fluid dynamics problems. However, these methods are not optimal for ice sheet simulations which offers peculiar challenges such as moving computational domains and varying viscosity. In this talk we present methods for computing ice velocity by solving the p-Stokes equations on a thin, moving ice domain. We discuss cut finite element methods and error analysis.