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Rachael Boyd: Embedding spaces of split links

Tid: On 2022-11-30 kl 13.15

Plats: KTH, 3418

Medverkande: Rachael Boyd (Cambridge University)

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This is joint work with Corey Bregman. We study the homotopy type of embedding spaces of unparameterised links, inspired by work of Brendle and Hatcher. We obtain a simple description of the fundamental group of the embedding space, which I will describe for you. Our main tool is a homotopy equivalent semi-simplicial space of separating spheres. As I will explain, this is a combinatorial object that provides a gateway to studying the homotopy type of embedding spaces of split links via the homotopy type of their individual pieces.

Tillhör: Stockholms Matematikcentrum
Senast ändrad: 2022-11-24