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Anna Chiara Zagati: Sharp geometric estimates and asymptotic behaviour for solutions of Lane- Emden equation

Tid: Fr 2023-02-24 kl 10.15

Plats: 3507 (Inst för matematik, KTH)

Medverkande: Anna Chiara Zagati, Università di Parma

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We introduce the Lane-Emden equation for the p−Laplacian with the sub-homogeneous power on the right-hand side. Then we prove, throughout a comparison principle, a variety of results, as the uniqueness of solutions under minimal assumptions on the set, sharp pointwise two-sided estimates for positive olutions in convex sets and a “hierarchy” of sign-changing solutions of the equation. Finally we study the asymptotic behaviour for positive solutions, as p goes to ∞. The results presented in this talk are obtained in collaboration with Lorenzo Brasco (University of Ferrara) and Francesca Prinari (University of Pisa).