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Malo Hillairet: Noise Sensitivity in First-Passage Percolation

Tid: On 2024-05-29 kl 15.15 - 16.00

Plats: Cramér room, campus Albano, house 1, floor 3

Medverkande: Malo Hillairet

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First-Passage Percolation is a spatial growth model where the objects of interest are called travel times. Travel times are defined as geodesic lengths in a random environment. A surprising and counter-intuitive phenomenon that could arise in First-Passage Percolation is called noise sensitivity. It is the property that small noise on the environment leads to drastic perturbations of travel times. We generalize a known noise sensitivity result which initially does not apply to our context, the BKS theorem, in order to deduce noise sensitivity properties in First-Passage Percolation.