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Gustav Nilsson: Topology of Toric Gravitational Instantons

Tid: To 2023-06-15 kl 10.15 - 11.15

Plats: 3418, Lindstedtsvägen 25

Språk: English

Medverkande: Gustav Nilsson, Albert Einstein Institute

For an asymptotically locally Euclidean (ALE) or asymptotically locally flat (ALF) gravitational instanton $(M,g)$ with toric symmetry, we express the signature of $(M,g)$ directly in terms of its rod structure. Applying Hitchin–Thorpe-type inequalities for Ricci-flat ALE/ALF manifolds, we formulate necessary conditions that the rod structures of toric ALE/ALF instantons must satisfy, as a step toward a classification of such spaces. Finally, we apply these results to the study of rod structures with three turning points.