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The Master's programme in Mathematics is a joint initiative by the departments of mathematics at Stockholm University (SU) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). It is a two-year (120 ECTS credits) programme at the advanced level and leads to a joint masters degree in mathematics from SU and KTH.

Purpose and Content

The programme is meant to provide a strong background in the mathematical sciences. It prepares for PhD studies (e.g. at KTH or SU) in mathematics or related subjects, and for research and development in the industry and business sectors.

Department of Mathematics, SU
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Department of Mathematics, KTH

Who should apply?

We look for students that want to be part of a community where mathematics is discussed on a daily basis among students, teachers and researchers. We therefore invite students from all over the world to appply to this Masters' programme, and encourage them to make good use of the opportunities offered by the strong research environment in Stockholm.

Besides striving for excellence, we also actively pursue gender equality, diversity, and an environment that is accepting, liberal, and supportive for its students, faculty and employees.