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Wendelin Werner: Random surfaces, random geometries

Wendelin Werner, Université Paris-Sud

Time: Wed 2011-12-14 14.30 - 15.30

Location: Oscar Kleins auditorium at Alba Nova, Roslagstullsbacken 21

Is there a natural universal analogue of Brownian motion for random surfaces or membranes? If so, are there essential differences between these random real-valued functions defined on an interval (i.e. Brownian motion) or on a piece of the plane (this random membrane)? Are they really random surfaces? Is there a way to describe their topography? We will try to discuss and partially answer such questions.


13.15-14.00 Precolloquium: for PhD and master students

14.30-15.30 Colloquium talk by Wendelin Werner

15.30-16.30 Coffee and SMC social get-together

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