Leslie Greengard: Inverse problems in acoustic scattering and cryo-electron microscopy

Tid: On 2018-04-11 kl 15.15 - 17.00

Föreläsare: Leslie Greengard, Courant Institute, NYU

Plats: Oskar Klein (AlbaNova)


14:00-15:00 Prelcolloquium by Leslie Greengard in room FB42, AlbaNova

15:15-16:15 Colloquium lecture by Leslie Greengard in Room Oskar Klein, AlbaNova

16:15-17:00 SMC social get together with refreshments 


A variety of problems in image reconstruction give rise to large-scale, nonlinear and non-convex optimization problems. We will show how recursive linearization combined with suitable fast solvers are bringing such problems within practical reach, with an emphasis on acoustic scattering and protein structure determination via cryo-electron microscopy.