James Norris: Scaling limits for planar aggregation with subcritical fluctuations

Tid: On 2018-03-21 kl 15.15 - 17.00

Föreläsare: James Norris, University of Cambridge

Plats: FD5 (AlbaNova)


14:00-15:00 Prelcolloquium by Lukas Schoug in room FB54

15:15-16:15 Colloquium lecture by James Norris in Room FD5, AlbaNova

16:15-17:00 SMC social get together with refreshments 


A two-dimensional cluster, growing by aggregation of a sequence of particles, may be encoded as a composition of conformal maps. This offers a means to formulate and analyse models for planar random growth. I will focus on scaling limits in the case where there are many small particles, first for the case where the conformal maps are chosen to be independent, and then for a variant model which takes the fluctuations of the process towards a critical point, which is a limit of stability.
Joint work with Vittoria Silvestri and Amanda Turner.