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Sandra Di Rocco: Interaction between Convex and Algebraic Geometry

Sandra Di Rocco, KTH

Time: Wed 2009-12-16 16.00

Location: Room 3721, department of mathematics, KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 25, plan 7

Toric geometry provides a useful bridge between Convex Geometry and Algebraic Geometry. Convex bodies are associated to complex toric varieties embedded in projective space. The benefit coming from this interaction is mutual. Unexpected properties of convex bodies have been shown thanks to the underlying toric geometry as well as many algebraic invariants of projective toric varieties are a reflection of convex properties of the associated polytope. Some classical and more recent examples, showing how fruitful this interplay can be, will be presented.

Coffee and tea is served at 3:30 in the lunch room.

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