Several complex variables - a seminar series

Tid: On 2018-02-14 kl 15.30

Föreläsare: Jan-Erik Björk

Plats: Room 37, House 5, Department of mathematics SU

The lectures present various topics about complex analytic functions of several variables. The material will foremost be taken from the text-book by Lars Hörmander and Gunning Rossi, plus my own books Rings of Differential Operators and Analytic D-modules. Participants will be invited to deliver lectures devoted to special topics which can be selected under my guidance. Familiarity with analytic functions of one variable and some basic facts in commutative algebra are expected.

The first lecture is given Wednesday February 14 : 15:30- 17:15, room 37.

House 5 at the Department of mathematics SU. The lectures will continue at the same time and place during the Spring Term 2018.