PhD course: Soft skills for mathematicians, 5 hp

Tid: Fr 2019-01-25 kl 13.15

Föreläsare: Tom Britton, Stockholm University

Plats: Room 306, house 6, Kräftriket. Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University

The course will be given January to March 2019 with active participation of students.

OBS: The first meeting is on Friday 18, 2019

Contents: The course will cover the following areas: Writing scientific papers, Writing popular texts, Giving scientific talks, Writing applications and the submission procedure.

Literature: During the course handouts will be distributed and also references given.

Examination: Examination will consists of active participation at the meeting and doing each home assignment (see below) with passing mark, including giving feedback
to other participant's contributions. I expect 100% attendance from course participants - inform me if you for some reason have to miss any meeting. The last two meetings are absolutely compulsory.

Home assignments: All written home assignments should be sent in pdf-format by e-mail to me (and the other selected course participants when applicable). Deadline: The deadline is 23.59 the Thursday just prior to the following meeting.

Additional to the home assignment and voluntary although much appreciated, I would like to receive feedback on my written handouts which will be distributed during the course. All kinds of feedback is appreciated, be it typos or suggestions for restructuring or missing bits.

If you at the time are currently working on a paper without time pressure this may be used in the course. The home assignment of Day is writing a paper - of course this should be started on at an earlier stage.

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