Current Activities

Tuesday activities take place  between 13:15-15:00. When at KTH, then in room 3418, and when at SU, then in room 16, house 5. Divergence from this is marked with a "*" and completed by, if needed, neccessary information.  

16 Feb 2016, 13:15-15:00, Room 3418, KTH. Tilman Bauer (KTH): Formal groups and cohomology theories. In this first talk of a short series of expositionary talks aimed at explaining the Lubin-Tate theory of deformations of formal groups and its application to constructing the Hopkins-Miller spectrum E_n, I will give an introduction to complex oriented cohomology theories, formal groups, and the classification thereof. Accessible for advanced students.

8 Feb 2015, 15:15-16:15, room 34, building 5, SU. Jérôme Scherer (EPFL): homotopy nilpotency and the torus theorem. This is joint work with Cristina Costoya and Antonio Viruel. It is about understanding the concept of homotopy nilpotency introduced by Biedermann and Dwyer. We introduce a more elementary invariant counting the minimal number of fibrations whose fibers are infinite loop spaces. This allows us to prove a version of the Torus Theorem for finite homotopy nilpotent groups.

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