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Our research areas

Mathematical research has a long-standing tradition in Stockholm ever since the days of Gösta Mittag-Leffler. Today the Stockholm area has developed into an important international hub for scientific work in mathematics.

The research that is being carried out within SMC is very broad in scope, encompassing essentially all fields of mathematics, with many related sciences also represented. Around 100 active researchers and 150 graduate students at SMC all contribute, together with numerous postdocs and visiting scientists at the nearby Institut Mittag Leffler, to the unique mathematical research environment here in Stockholm.

Among the particularly strong research areas represented at SMC one finds several parts of analysis such as dynamical systems and stochastics, diverse aspects of geometry, combinatorics, biostatistics, actuarial and financial mathematics, and computational mathematics with numerical analysis and theoretical computer science.

The combined strength of the SMC mathematics research can be measured in several ways. Since the year 2000, researchers in Stockholm have received 35-40% of all VR grants in mathematics. Of the 20 Göran Gustafsson prizes in mathematics nationally awarded since the start in 1991, as many as 11 have gone to the researchers active within SMC. Of the eight non-retired Swedish mathematicians that have been invited lecturers at the International Congress of Mathematicians, seven belong to SMC.

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