Logic in Stockholm 2017, August 7-25

Registration for all conferences and events at Logic in Stockholm 2017

To register, provide your personal details, conference attendance plans, and payment information at the link below. The registration form covers all three Logic in Stockholm conferences together; conference-specific details (e.g. invited speaker status, participation fee grants, etc.) are covered in the later pages of the form.

Registration form (external site, Axaco)

Note: if you want to register separately for different conferences/workshops (e.g. registering for CSL and LAMAS after you have already registered earlier for NLS), you may do this by submitting multiple separate registrations through the Axaco site. Multiple registrations will be treated additively, and your fees will be charged as such, so make sure you register for each conference/workshop only once — e.g. select only NLS in your first registration, and only CSL+LAMAS in your second registration.

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