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This page contains the most recent publications from the Departement of Mathematics at Stockholm University (SU), and the Department of Mathematics at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), are presented.

  • A Note on Spaces of Absolutely Convergent Fourier Transforms

    Let Ff be an abolutely convergent Fourier transform on the real line. We extend the following result of K. Karlander to Rn for n≥1: Any closed reflexive subspace {Ff} of the space of continuous functions vanishing at infinity is of finite dimension.

  • Coamoebas and line arrangements in dimension two

    We show that the number of components of the complement of the closure of a coamoeba of an algebraic curve f−1(0) on the complex torus (C∗)2 is at most two times the area of the Newton polygon of f. This is an affirmative answer for the two-dimensional case to a conjecture by Mikael Passare.

  • Foreword
    No abstract available.
  • Regularly varying measures on metric spaces : Hidden regular variation and hidden jumps

    We develop a framework for regularly varying measures on complete separable metric spaces S with a closed cone C removed, extending material in [15, 24]. Our framework provides a flexible way to consider hidden regular variation and allows simultaneous regular-variation properties to exist at different scales and provides potential for more accurate estimation of probabilities of risk regions. We apply our framework to iid random variables in ℝ∞<inf>+</inf> with marginal distributions having regularly varying tails and to càdlàg Lévy processes whose Lévy measures have regularly varying tails. In both cases, an infinite number of regular-variation properties coexist distinguished by different scaling functions and state spaces.

  • Mapping placental topology from 3D scans, the graphic display of variation in arborisation across gestation (vol 34, pg A73, 2013)
    No abstract available.