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Guest Researchers 2013

Below is a list of guest researchers that visited the mathematical institutions of either KTH or SU under 2013.

Name Arrival Departure Location Field of interest Host
Håkon Hoel 8-12-2013 18-12-2013 KTH Stochastic Differential Equations Anders Szepessy
Milos Tater 3-12-2013 17-12-2013 SU - Boris Shapiro
Gleb Nenashev 28-11-2013 12-12-2014 SU - Boris Shapiro
Dr Richard Hepworth 14-11-2013 30-11-2013 KTH Topology Anssi Lahtinen
Ph. D. Jarod Alper 09-11-2013 14-11-2013 KTH Algebraic Goemetry David Rydh
Dr Koizumi 19-10-2013 29-10-2013 KTH Mathematical Statistics Tatiana Pavlenko