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Graduate courses 2015/2016

Fall 2015

Course name Teachers Location
Cluster algebras (september-october) Michael Shapiro SU
Commutative algebra Roy Skjelnes KTH
Elliptic partial differential equations and harmonic function theory (reading course) Jonatan Lenells and Henrik Shahgolian KTH
Model theory Erik Palmgren SU
Random matrices (november-march) Maurice Duits and Kurt Johansson KTH
Epidemic modelling, simulation and statistical analysis (november) Tom Britton and Michael Höhle SU
Topics in Game Theory Jörgen Weibull SSE
Graduate course in statistical inference Henrik Hult and Tatjana Pavlenko KTH
Numerical methods for partial differential equations Richard Tsai KTH
Complexity Theory Jakob Nordström KTH

Spring 2016

Course name Teachers Location
Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics Petter Bränden KTH
Clifford algebras Douglas Lundholm and Lars Svensson KTH
Étale cohomology Jonas Bergström and David Rydh SU/KTH
Spectral theory for quantum graphs Pavel Kurasov SU
Topology course (exact title coming) Tilman Bauer, Alexander Berglund and Wojciech Chacholski SU/KTH
Several complex variables (reading course) Håkan Hedenmalm KTH
Operads in algebraic topology Alexander Berglund, Stephanie Ziegenhagen KTH
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Last changed: Dec 16, 2015